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Go, Alvin, Go!

Room Eight, by John O'Hara
July 11, 2010


Politico just reported that South Carolina Senate Candidate, Alvin Greene, has been cleared by the law enforcement division of any wrongdoing in connection with that suspicious $10,440 filing fee. This proves one thing; liberals can be the worst type of racist.

If we heard a story about a cop pulling over a black man for driving an expensive car, then wouldn’t the cry be profiling? But that’s not the case with Alvin. Just exactly where did he come up with all that money, the talking heads on MSNBC wanted to know.

Well now we know. Greene received $6000 as a discharge payment from the army, and an additional $3000 in unemployment benefits. Greene cooperated with the investigation.

The interview Keith Olberman had with the democratic nominee seemed more like an interrogation, with Olberman constantly asking Greene “are you alright.” But of course the real issue was just exactly where did all that money come from. Although Senate Candidate Greene said it was money that he saved, that answer just didn’t sit right.

Neither did Mr. Greene getting sixty percent of the vote.

Now, the talking heads seem to be upset that Alvin Greene is still collecting unemployment benefits, as the condition to receiving the benefits is the duty to seek a job.

Well Mr. Greene is seeking a job.